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The benefits of remote hosting, remote mail accounts and domain names


Having your own domain name (i.e. www.your_name.com.au ) is an asset for your business for several reasons:

Portability: Once your have a domain name you are the legal owner of the name and your hosting service only provides the hardware necessary to link your domain to the World Wide Web. 

Should you wish to move to new hosting service or set-up up a permanent connection on a computer in your office, then the whole web site can be moved with the name and the world at large is none the wiser that a change has taken place. Emails, search engines and client book-marks continue to address your domain name no matter where it sits on the Internet.

Identity: A domain name also provides you with a unique identity just like your company name. Look at qantas.com.au, ozemail.com.au, microsoft.com, apple.com and you immediately think of that company.

If you have your web site on the "free" space your  ISP provides then your identity is linked to their domain name i.e. www.isp_name.com.au/~your_name.

If your ISP goes out of business or you want to change because of overpricing, poor service, etc. then your identity has to change as you find a new ISP. 

This can lead to lost emails as the system searches for your old address, search engines and clients who had book-marked your site but can't find you now and company stationery and advertising needing to be re-printed, all of which leads to an unnecessary disruption to your business.

Multiple Email Accounts: Depending on the level of hosting you choose, you get a number of email accounts. You can have accounts for individuals (Bob_Smith@your_name.com.au), for positions (Technical_Director@your_name.com.au) or for departments (sales@your_name.com.au). All emails can be retrieved from the mail server linked to your domain name web space or re-directed to the mail server of your preferred ISP for retrieval through your employees personal account.



Having a web site and email account that is not linked to your ISP has some of the benefits mentioned for businesses. You have the freedom to change ISP's without affecting your web address or email address.

With the de-regulation of the communication industry, many bargains are to be had when it comes to internet access accounts and if your email and web site reside with a remote server you are free to pursue the best internet access deal you can find without affecting your web identity.

A remote web site is only a click away and if you have limited web space allocated by your ISP, you can create the basis of your web site on your ISP's server and link to the larger remote web site we provide.


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